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Tiffany's holiday net sales reached record highs

Tiffany's holiday net sales reached record highs

Preliminary data showed an increase in sales for Tiffany in the past two months

The holiday season seems to have been a prolific one for the American luxury jewelry brand – Tiffany & Co.

According to the company's preliminary data, its sales result for the 2020 holiday period (November 1, 2020 – December 31, 2020) reached a record high, up 2%. Part of the increase was due to sales reported in China and online transactions. "In the midst of a worldwide pandemic and its dynamic impacts, these all-time high preliminary holiday period sales results, which follow a strong third quarter, reflect the successful convergence of our multi-year sales strategies with respect to the Chinese mainland (greater than 50% increase from prior year), e-commerce (greater than 80% increase from prior year), increasing average unit retail prices and accelerating product innovations," according to Alessandro Bogliolo, Tiffany's CEO.

Moreover, Tiffany is waiting to be officially purchased by LVMH in a deal that costs the latter $15.8 billion. The takeover already received regulatory approval and is expected to be closed in early 2021.

Following the news, Tiffany & Co stock price was flat, but in the past twelve months, it lost 2%. During the same period, USA500 gained around 15%.


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