US Presidential Election: the final hours

US Presidential Election: the final hours

Fraud, despair, and patience as the electoral votes are counted

The most anticipated political event of the year turns out to be tighter than expected between Donald Trump and Joe Biden. The current president has added some controversy when he stated that fraud was committed during this election in the battle with the Republicans. He added that he would fight it in the Supreme Court.

From Trump’s point of view, he already won the election, and in a statement that he made at the White House, he wants “all voting to stop.” So far, Trump won the states of Florida, Alabama, Kentucky, Texas, Iowa, Ohio, and West Virginia.

On the other side, Joe Biden has urged patience and confidence to his supporters, “Keep the faith, guys, we’re going to win this.” So far, he won states like Connecticut, Delaware, and New Jersey. But events are expected to take a swing as Arizona went for Biden, along with Michigan and Pennsylvania. These are crucial battleground states.

According to the Associated Press, Biden currently has 238 electoral votes, while Trump has 213. For a candidate to be declared a winner, 270 electoral votes are necessary.


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