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Refer & Earn gives you a golden chance to earn up to $5,000*, for introducing ambitious friends traders to us.

Refer a friend

Refer your friends and get up to $5,000 as an introduction fee for every single referral opening a live account and start trading.

You can also get up to 14% from spread when they trade.

And because trading with friends is more encouraging, spread the word about and benefit the most from our Refer a Friend program.

Refer a friend

How it works:

It’s very easy, let your friends know more about and tell them about your trading journey with us.

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Share their details with your account representative or contact our support team to help you with the process.

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Invite friends (the Referees) to open an account, deposit and start trading.

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Enjoy the perks of the Referral Program and collect your introduction fee. You can earn up to $5,000* per referral.

Refer a friend

First deposit introduction fee

The more friends you invite, the more you benefit

First deposit: $ 5000

Your introduction fee: $ 100

$ 500

$ 300.000

Total Deposit and Trading Volume Introduction Fee

View Introduction Fee Value

Example: When a referred friend deposits $50,000, you will earn $1,000. And you can also benefit from your friends trading volume, for instance, if their trading volume is up to $15,000,000 you can get 5% payout from the spread.